Date rape dugs allow the perfect crime – with fatal consequences:

No memory, no proof!

Date rape drugs or liquid ecstasy are by no means a harmless party drug. They allow the perfect crime: The drops are easy to get, the victim will not remember anything and the drug can be detected only a few hours after consumption. So in many cases there exist no proof.

The consequences can be devastating. It is often young women who are affected, and they have to live with rape and other sexual assaults in powerlessness and shame.

But men are also affected. A predatory offense and waking up somewhere in the woods, by the wayside etc. are equally traumatic;
even death by overdose occurs.

Our solution:


Our motto is prevention

The DrugCop recognizes the date rape dugs in your glass and gives an alert before you drink!

Our social responsibility compels us to take on this global issue. For self-protection,
we are developing a method by which your drink is always under observation of the DrugCop.
As soon as relevant substances are added to the drink, an alert is given.

You always have your DrugCop with you; guarding your glass while you have fun.



We will help to illuminate the number of attacks

… with an anonymous database for victims.

The estimated number of unreported cases is very high, for several reasons:

First, the drugs can be detected only a few hours in the body, so there are no valid proof for a police report.

Secondly the victims feel ashamed.

Therefore we would like to investigate with an anonymous database of victims.
Here can victims announce without naming themselves can share their story.

Safe – easy – universal!

Anything’s possible!


The innovation lies in the quick detection of the administration of date rape dugs.
We cannot wait even 30 minutes after the addition of the drugs to have a result …


The DrugCop must be easy to handle, so we are thinking, for example, a sort of cocktail
stirrer which everybody can leave easily and discreetly in their glass.


The DrugCop must work in any terrain, no matter whether beer, apple juice or
Pina Colada – in every drink the test must function.

The DrugCop could look like this! Do you have other cool ideas for design or function? Then write to us! We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

We have already collaborated on patent applications for optical detection. That does not deter us, but encourages us to talk to the IP holder or to find alternative solutions.

For our solution we need you!


It can happen to anyone,

therefore, everyone should take part.
We need the Crowd!

Because we want to tackle a global issue, we also need global support!

Of course, we have already collected ideas for the implementation of the DrugCop, but we would like to include you and the crowd actively to reach, finally, to best result.

Soon we will start a crowdfunding campaign to stem the development of prototypes and the series production.

The target group is large: Women between 16 and 35 years old are mainly affected, but also Businessmen and women
who are travelling alone, anyone who drinks another beer or two with their buddies, or even parents of adolescents and young adults.

We bring your product to success!


The DrugCop in the press!

Here you can find all press releases about our project.

We provide press documents and pictures to download for journalists. The usage is free of charge – a record is welcome!


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